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avatar for John Basso

John Basso

Startup Vet; Pitching Expert
avatar for Martha Berner

Martha Berner

Data Scientist
avatar for Brad Bickerton

Brad Bickerton

Delta Awesome
avatar for Tyler Bird

Tyler Bird

Community Development Strategist
avatar for Austin Chambers

Austin Chambers

Lewis Bess Williams & Weese
avatar for Ryan Daly

Ryan Daly

Front End Developer, freelance; Xentity; Go Code Colorado Data and...
avatar for John Dardick

John Dardick

The Digital Garage
avatar for Chris Deptula

Chris Deptula

Inquidia Consulting
Data Scientist
avatar for Jeff Ditillo

Jeff Ditillo

Scrum/Agile Coach
avatar for Ben Fernandez

Ben Fernandez

Legal, WilmerHale
avatar for Elliot Flautt

Elliot Flautt

Data Solutions Architect
avatar for John Franck

John Franck

Marketing Pro
avatar for Gwen Gelsinon

Gwen Gelsinon

Scrum/Agile Coach
avatar for Jessica Goulding

Jessica Goulding

Senior Developer; Pitching Expert
avatar for Brian Gryth

Brian Gryth

Accela, Inc.
Scrum/Agile Coach; Pitching Expert
avatar for Otto Hanson

Otto Hanson

Davis Graham and Stubbs
Legal, DGS
avatar for Jun Heider

Jun Heider

Senior Developer
avatar for Barry Kardon

Barry Kardon

Scrum/Agile Coach
avatar for Kathy Keating

Kathy Keating

CTO, Co-Founder
avatar for Matthew Leary

Matthew Leary

Patent Attorney
avatar for Heather J. MacKenzie

Heather J. MacKenzie

Pitching Expert
avatar for Wojciech Magda

Wojciech Magda

Sr. Software Developer
avatar for Dan Mandle

Dan Mandle

Sr Software Engineer - IoT
avatar for Miles Matthias

Miles Matthias

avatar for Shawn Meek

Shawn Meek

Metropolitan State University of Denver
UX / UI / Professor
avatar for Liz Moskow

Liz Moskow

Tank Talkers & Chicky Balm Balm
avatar for Will Myer

Will Myer

Legal, DGS
avatar for Justin Nyberg

Justin Nyberg

Legal, DGS
avatar for Diana Pfeil

Diana Pfeil

Data Scientist
avatar for Kelley Poturalski

Kelley Poturalski

AUTOPAY / DCP Midstream
Product Designer
avatar for Lieschen Gargano Quilling

Lieschen Gargano Quilling

CA Technologies
Scrum Master
avatar for Devin Reams

Devin Reams

Sr. Manager

Jesse Riley

Senior Developer
avatar for Toni Rosati

Toni Rosati

UX Researcher
avatar for Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Ensemble Ventures, LLC
Startup Vet
avatar for Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

Pitching Expert
avatar for Emily Sheehan

Emily Sheehan

Dev Advocate
avatar for Diane Snead

Diane Snead

Business Leader
avatar for Erin Stadler

Erin Stadler

Boomtown Accelorator
Program Director
avatar for Matt Stueve

Matt Stueve

Startup Vet
avatar for Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor

Legal, DGS
avatar for Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Marketing Pro